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Guest House Shido

Our dream for “Shido” is to be a landmark of Koyasan in town, a place that connects tourists from abroad and locals in Japan. 

On October 1, 2016, Wakayama Guest House Shido was renovated and underwent a transformation will still keeping the original state of the building’s historical features as much as possible. We have built a place of lodging where visitors to Koyasan can experience and get a feel for life in the old days, a Juwari-soba restaurant of local production for local consumption, and a cafe designed to be used as a community place, with the aim for our establishment to be a place where tourists from abroad and Japanese locals make profound connections by feeling the splendor of Japan’s history, nature, and life, and exploring the gracefully beautiful path of the samurai who dedicated their lives to having peace reign over the land. With this desire, we gave it the name “士道 Shido”. 


Our aspiration is to become a town where tourists visiting Mt. Koya/Nara from overseas and Japanese locals can meet and gather through farming experiences and workshops.

Shido is located at the base of Koyasan, but its appeal is not limited to just being a lodging facility. For instance, you can participate in Meister’s workshops such as for Orimono (Japanese woven fabrics) and Japanese traditional crafts, or harvest vegetables with local farmers who have been striving to farm organically and without pesticides. Throughout experiences like these, we want Shido to be a new gateway to bring tourists from overseas and Japanese people together as well as a spot for you to consider making a stop for a stay before visiting Koyasan or Nara. 


It traces its roots back to the its time as the gateway which greets pilgrims travelling to the sacred peak of Koyasan. It’s a town that claims a history of 800 years as the inn town on the roadway
between Mt. Koya and the ancient capital of Nara.
From the late Heian Period, the town of Koyaguchi has enjoyed great prosperity as the inn town is situated in a propitious and strategic position on the crossroads of two major roadways, namely the Koya Highway which was used as a pilgrimage route from Kyoto and Osaka to Mt. Koya and also the Yamato Highway which runs to the ancient capital of Nara.

Kazuyoshi Date

Brought in 1983 in Koyaguchi of Wakayama.
He works for his company as a business development consultant.

When he was 29 years old, he lived in NYC for the business and experience.

He's a owner of Wakayama Guest House Shido and welcomes the travelers.

- Staff -

Hiroyuki Date

Brought in 1958 in Koyaguchi of Wakayama.
He works for Juwari-soba restaurant “Tenko” as a chef.

Guests love Juwari-soba that he freshly makes every morning, freshly-fried tempura,

and the local sake of Wakayama.