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Japanese soba noodles are made by processing buckwheat flour, which is made from a type of grain called the buckwheat plant, and is a typical Japanese cuisine which has a long history like sushi, and tempura.

Morisoba is eaten one mouthful at a time by dipping the noodles in sauce with chopsticks. For Kakesoba, the noodles are put into a steaming bowl of hot soup.


Tempura is a traditional dish which represents Japan, and is made using ingredients such as seafood and vegetables, and is dipped in a batter made with flour and beaten eggs and fried in oil.


The ingredients are called ‘Tane’ (which means ’seeds’), and are dipped in a batter made from flour and eggs, and are fried in cooking oil using utensils such as a tempura pot.


For Japanese it is a very familiar dish, and was originally a favorite dish of the common people during the Edo period, and was eaten at outside food stands.


Japanese Sake is a rice wine which is made mainly from rice, malt, and water. Japanese Sake is originally meant to be drank at room temperature. However, a trend called "Atsukan"(heating the sake bottle in warm water) spread from the upper-class-society.

 Thanks to the development of cooling equipment starting from the late 20th century, cooling sake, or drinking it with ice also spread as a trend.

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At the adjacent Juwari-soba restaurant “Tenko”, you can enjoy Juwari-soba that’s freshly home made every morning, freshly-fried tempura, and the local sake of Wakayama. There are lots of menu items with no meat.

- Japanses Soba Restaurant Tenko -